A healthy community is a working community

Connecticut is one of the wealthier states, yet not everyone has quality affordable healthcare. I believe we all have the right to health care, no matter our income. The HUSKY system has continuously faced cuts and those cuts are hurting our elderly, men, women and children of Connecticut and it needs to stop. If not for the 2018 budget bill, thousands of HUSKY recipients would have been kicked off. I want to fight to keep HUSKY funded and makes sure cuts are a thing of the past.

Mental Health and Addiction

I also want to work with families, doctors and law to end the opioid crisis, not just curb it.

Too many children and adults with mental health needs do not get the timely and quality care that they need. We need to invest in programs that help people before it reaches a crisis stage.


A degree shouldn’t equal debt

We already have some of the best public universities and colleges in the country. The problem is, most people cannot afford tuitions without getting into debt. Students have to take out large loans, or even multiple, to pay for their education. What this does is burden our already burdened middle class and their only option is to not go to college or become debt saddled. This is not the American dream and surely is not what we want for students right after they graduate. I want to freeze tuition costs so that prices do not skyrocket like they have in the past. We also need to take a long-term approach to making college affordable so everyone in the state can get the best affordable education.


No action is too small for a clean, green Earth

Our current administration is rolling back protections and regulations that were put in place to protect and preserve the environment. I want policies that will help fight climate change and control pollution. We need more incentives for encouraging renewable energy in both the public and private sectors in Connecticut. I want to preserve the beautiful Litchfield hills scenery and what makes it a tourist destination- our wonderful rivers, lakes, trails and open spaces. We need to keep preserving our amazing land and I plan on doing this if elected.

Social Justice

Equality and integrity for the whole

Paid Family Leave

We need a system in place where you do not need to choose to take care of a loved one or lose your job. Paid family leave will give workers the security they deserve and will also help us compete with neighboring states that have it.

Minimum wage

The cost of living in CT is way too expensive to have a person making only $10.10 an hour. We need to raise to at least $15 an hour so we have a more competitive wage for workers, so they are able to not only pay bills, but also have money to spend back into the economy. 

Fair Work Week

Employers should not be able to call an employee the day before or the day of their shift with cancellations and/or schedule changes. This creates a disadvantage to employees who have to find childcare, possibly transportation or just missing that paycheck. I fully support requiring businesses to give an employee 2 days notice so they can adequately plan.

Equal pay

For too long women have not been paid equally to men and that needs to be rectified. While employers can no longer ask what someone made at a prior job, it still does not correct the issue of pay equality.


The state deserves leaders who are fair and fiscally responsible

Infrastructure and Tolls

We need to fix our crumbling roads and infrastructure. States right next to us are tolling every driver who goes in and out of their state and use that revenue to fix roads and bridges. I want to explore using tolls to provide money that will help us improve our roads and infrastructure.

Green jobs

Investing in green energy will not only provide a job base for our State; it will also put us at the forefront of energy and environmental issues. Connecticut used to be a leader in green energy and I support bringing green jobs to help grow our state and our economy.

Renewable energy will not only help our state by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and helping the environment, but also help to employ people all across the state. We can establish task force groups to see what other, more progressive states are doing and employ the ideas that work for Connecticut.